Who Benefits?

Middle School Students

Middle school years are the best time for students to begin recognizing their own communication habits and building skills to improve how they relate to others.

High School Students

High Schoolers are about to start  interviewing for jobs and colleges so let's get them some training and best practices to help them achieve their goals!

Youth Workshops

You are the CEO of You!

Students develop their personal mission statement, vision for their future and identify their top three core values.

What Kind of Listener am I?

With engaging games and activities, students identify several not-so-great types of listening and practice the best kind there is:  Active Listening.

Am I Proactive or Reactive?

Students learn the difference between reacting and responding in this fun, fast-paced workshop.

Conflict Resolution

Students learn how to "move up the ladder" of effective communication and become better managers of conflict.

Interview Skill Building

Students learn how to enter a room confidently, develop an elevator pitch and create STAR stories so they are ready for any question an interviewer might ask.

Tone and Body Language

Did you know that only 7% of communication has to do with the words we say?  This engaging  workshop teaches students how to become excellent readers of non-verbal communication.