Workshops, Custom Trainings, 1:1 Coaching

Workshops for Youth and Adults

Each session begins with a focused topic related to self-awareness and effective communication. 

Series are custom designed for you based on your needs and interests. Great for workplace team building, small groups of friends and anyone interested in personal development.

Click below to see some sample topics and additional details.

Interview Preparation

Together we will craft your stories to help you confidently answer questions like: "Tell us about yourself" or "Tell us about a time when...."  Our service includes multiple rehearsal sessions to calm your nerves and prepare your most confident self for the interview.

Conflict Coaching & Mediation

Want help managing conflict?  

Our training and coaching will prepare you for handling difficult conversations. We also provide mediation services for situations that might be better handled by a neutral party.

The mediation process offers a way for two people in conflict to be heard by the other and create their own resolution for moving forward towards effective communication. Imagine the energy shift in the office when personal conflicts no longer exist!